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I wand to point out that it's not allowed to use these contact datas to send me unrequested information (spam)!
Julia Stüwe
  Zur Neuen Brücke 10
01109 Dresden- Germany
e-mail: mail@amanora.de
internet: http://www.amanora.de

Copyright References

All graphics and texts on this website were, unless otherwise declared, created by me and are therefore my property. Third party stock I used for this website is listed below. I either received permission from the appropriate copyright holder or used stock which was free to use for all (freeware).
I used six different textures to create the design for this site:
For the general background I used texture no. 4 from the Royalty Texture Pack.
The header was created using texture no. 30, texture no. 8 from the Damask Tiles Pack and texture no. 1 from the Natural Paper Texture Pack.
For the page background I used texture no. 63 and texture no. 6 from the Damask Tiles Pack.
All textures were created by Cloaks, she provided them as freeware at her DeviantArt gallery. Thank you very much!
I used the freeware font Aerofoil created by Denise Chan for my headlines.
Uses CMS
This website was created using the CMS Contao. Contao is an open source CMS and can be downloaded for free.