Creatures 2 – Spritemixes

Spritemixes are creatures with a specific composition of breeds in 10 different color variants. You can download them here in packages.

Color Spots

Required Sprites: Spotted Norns, Bilba Norns, Hippi Norns

Genome: Spotted Norn genome (modified Canny genome)

Crystal Angels

Required Sprites: Uriel Norns, Angel Norns, Dewa Norns

Genome: Dewa Norn genome (modified Akamai Canny genome)

Demon Norns

Required Sprites: Scorpio Norns, Goat Norns, Devil Norns

Genome: Scorpio genome

Elemental Norns

Required Sprites: Midsummer Norns, Uriel Norns, Camelot Norns, Morrigans Lake Norns

Genome: Midsummer genome

Flower Angels

Required Sprites: Flora Norns, Uriel Norns, Red Orchid Norns

Genome: Flora genome (modified Akamai Canny genome)

Puka Norns

Required Sprites: Grendels, Emerald Norns, Golden Desert Norn

genome: 265 genome

Uniel Norns

Required Sprites: Uni Norns, Uriel Norns, Snowfairy Norns

Genome: Uni genome (modified Canny genome)